Rigby’s exhaustive research consists of studies of ancient Egypt, Astronomy, The Book of Revelation and the history of religion in Europe.

Explore the connection between The Egyptian Mysteries, The Grail Myths, The Tarot, The Book of Revelation, and the Adam and Eve story.

This enlightening book dispels myths and presents relevant data; the result is an enlightening and thought-provoking read.

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A space odyssey?

Eve can be located in the heavens close to the tree of knowledge. She has fruit in her mouth and is offering fruit to Adam. Satan is whispering into her ear. This allegory is clearly visible and can be seen by in the northern sky by those who know where to look.

Its location calls the origins and content of the Old Testament question. Did the author of this sacred text call on and utilise stories that had been fashioned by ancient priest-astronomers?

The God Secret sheds doubt on the very fabric of all that we have been taught to be sacred. It is either the greatest heresy of all time or it presents conclusive evidence that allows us to abandon an inheritance based on false and misleading theosophy in favour of an enlightened appreciation of universal truth.

"Join the dots" is the most ancient pastime of all.

When there were no reflections from electric lights, our ancestors could look up and see and sky infested by a myriad of bright stars. Some of these stars seemed to be influential than the others and invited close inspection.

Patterns were drawn by drawing imaginary lines between the stars. In one particular part of the sky these patterns produced God in his or her many aspects. They also provided the face of God, the name of God, God’s tabernacle, the Lamb of God and an abundance of other personalities and effects associated with theism and its consequences.

The God Secret illustrates many of these patterns and shows how they have been translated from their erroneous beginnings to an industry of confrontational religious beliefs.

The ancients believed that the face of God could be viewed in the heavens. They alleged that the location of God was in the stars that rotated around the northern "pole" position.

On close examination, we find that all the aspects of God are to be found in and around the constellation of Ursa Major. The most ancient stories of creation are founded on the transit of the "pole" position through this unique area of the sky and the patterns that are produced by "joining the dots."

The God Secret provides clear and irrefutable evidence of these ancient beliefs and shows how they are the heart of the belief systems that pre-empted the emergence of many of the world religions. The face of God and his name (in Egyptian, Greek and Hebrew) can be found by looking at one part of the night sky and "joining the dots."

Adam became the god Osiris and Eve the goddess Isis. They were believed to be the progenitors of the human race and their story is written in the stars for all to see.

Read The God Secret and discover the evidence which will provoke an outcry amongst believers and will serve as confirmation for all those who doubt the literal truth of the scriptures.

The book contains overwhelming evidence connecting the seven stars of the big dipper constellation to the Grail Cup and how early interpretations of this heavenly constellation led to an enduring theme among organized religions.

Hard Cover - 6x9 - 312 pages

ISBN: 978-1-60693-828-7